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Alternative Press Expo 2014

October 4-5th APECON was absolutely awesome.  This was our first time vending here.  My wife…

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Temple of Art and Dr. Sketchy’s figure drawing night at Titmouse Studio

It’s been way too long since I’ve done figure drawing so I went to Temple of…

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San Diego Comic Con 2014 part I – All the panels!

This was the best year I have had at Comic Con!  So much happened so…

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Improving a foreshortening problem drawing by sculpting

This is the first appearance of this character “Akihi” in Hiraku issue 2 and I…

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Hiraku Webcomic

I remember the feeling of walking around comic conventions or even browsing at comics in…

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Hiraku Bear Chase, comic

Hiraku Cave poster

I drew this poster image to develop a visual reference for issue 2 of Hiraku…

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Manifest Destiny volume 1 TPB review

  I saw the first issue of this in a pile of $1 comics and…

Comic book page work size and templates

This is for my own reference but hopefully it can help someone out there who…

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JOE the barbarian comic book review

JOE the barbarian is written by Grant Morrison and beautifully Illustrated by Sean Murphy.  It’s…

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Daredevil & Elektra illustration how to tutorial from drawing to finishes

This tutorial assumes you know how to draw, and the basics of how things work….