Movie Frame Studies

February 11, 2015 Art, Uncategorized 0 Comments

I’m getting into Digital Illustration so here is a start.  These are tonal studies from various films.  This is week 1’s homework in Ryan Lang’s Digital Illustration class at Concept Design Academy in Pasedena.


fr1 taxi driver fr2 James Bond - Sky Fall fr3 Yojimbo fr4 Amelie fr5 Life of Pi hc1 The Last Starfighter hc2 hc2a hc3 Minority Report hc4 Apocolypse Now hc5 hc5a hk1 Lovely Bones hk2 THX hk3 Red Cliff hk4 Blood The Last Vampire hk5 The Artist lk1 Amelie lk2 Let the Right Ones In lk3 The Road lk4lk4a lk5 Singing in the Rain