Daredevil & Elektra illustration how to tutorial from drawing to finishes

April 25, 2014 Tutorials 0 Comments

This tutorial assumes you know how to draw, and the basics of how things work.  😉

Step 1 – I draw it in blue mechanical pencil


Step 2 – I ink it right over the blue pencils.


Step 3 – Scan the inked drawing.  Remove the blue lines.  Print it out and tape a piece of marker paper over the top of the print.

Step 4 – Tone the drawing with copic markers.  I prefer the fat wide ones because I can make a wider variety of marks and it forces me to work more loosely.

Step 5 – Detach the toned drawing and scan it


Step 6 – Match the tones up with the inked drawing in photoshop.  Rotate it and scale it until it matches up with the line drawing.  I put the inked layer on top on multiply layer mode so that you can see the tones underneath

Step 7 – I clean up the tones digitally while trying to keep the looseness and textures created by the marker rendering.  This is what it looks like with the inks on top of the tonal layer after some clean-up.

Daredevil & Elektra

Daredevil & Elektra

Step 8 – Establish a limited pallette


Step 9 – Color it!  I use color layer mode, multiply layer mode, and custom brushes to do the deed.


Done!  Easy peazy.