24 hour comic book day, Hiraku Issue #1 pencils are finished

October 7, 2013 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Instead of starting something completely new and ridiculously try to finish it in 24 hours, I finished my current comic.  I was still coughing so it was best that I draw at home and not with other people elsewhere.  I’ll call this the “Nguyen Variation” of 24 hour comic book day.  Finish what you started!

I drew for 20 hours minus maybe an hour and a half for eating before passing out on Sunday at around 8am.  I finished all 24 interior pages of Hiraku issue #1.  I beat my three pages a week goal by two days!  My guestimate is that it takes me an average of 7 hours to draw a page.  This includes the time I spend to gather visual reference material.  Now I’m working on the cover art for Hiraku #1.