Hiraku San Diego Comic Con Banner

June 17, 2013 0 Comments

Every year my character grows, and this year is no exception.  He’s gotten a little older with me.  This is a banner design I made for the upcoming San Diego Comic Convention Artist Alley table, and Stockton Comic Con after that.

I watched some really good tutorial videos recently by Steve Huston for drawing and painting from New Masters Academy.  Hopefully some of that knowledge will give my art a good boost.

 This is the final version:

You can see the two earlier version below.  I started out with the blue monotonic glaze in a “color” layer mode.  This looks great, but a little too cold and monotonic.  If this image was going to be used in a film or story, this would be very dramatic and perfect.  However, I’m using it as a banner I want people to be attracted to from across the convention center so I felt the need to add some warm to draw the eyes.

Then I put it on “saturation” layer mode and got the version below it.  This added purples and subtle yellows, harmonized together with a peachy color that is very warm and beautiful.  The key color is too pink.  The skin tones are too grayish in both of the first two versions so I had to do something about that also.  This called for the final version.

The final version is a blend of the two using a masked color balance adjustment layer s to tweak the color so that it only affects the areas that I wanted to add warmth (orange) such as the light side of the skin tones.  The pink key color in the 2nd version is gone.

This was how it started out:

This is the same drawing with the blue glaze color layer on “saturation” layer mode in my photoshop file.  It’s interestingly generates a few extra colors into the art, and is something I would have never thought of doing on my own.  Good to experiment 🙂

All artwork is copyrighted by Nguyen Dong