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This year is the Sandman comic’s 25th anniversary.  This piece is going to be made for submission for the San Diego Comic Con’s 2013 Souvenir book.  The first several issues from the Preludes Nocturnes trade paperback, drawn by Sam Kieth are my favorite Sandman issues from this title.  I like the story of him going to hell to challenge a demon to recover his lost helm.  This is a quick sketch is my version of it although it didn’t happen like this in the book.  🙂

Before I noodle the heck out of this drawing, I figured that I should post the fresh idea that shows a lot of potential for drama and action.  Hopefully I won’t loose that feeling as I work out the details.

Ok, here’s where I’m at.  Honestly, sometimes I don’t even know what I drew because it gets so busy.  Now the hordes of hell are after him.  I must like seafood a lot from the looks of this.  😀