Hiraku comic book Reboot

May 11, 2012 0 Comments

I threw out about 95% of the drawings and research and development I did from the past 3 years. A lot of those drawings are on older blog posts so they aren’t completely gone. However most of those drawings will not be used in the final version of the comic book in any way or form. This is mostly due to a major re-write of the script that was decidedly necessary to make a better product. While I was waiting for the script, I practiced a lot of Kendo and learned a lot about horticulture. I’m not going to think about the old drawings too much. This is just a part of the process into reorganizing new material. Just going to move on.

The new story is more realistic, less fantasy than the previous version.  It’s a story about rite of passage.  Here’s a little taste of what is coming.