Destined to be self-taught

January 10, 2012 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Typical…  my drawing class got cancelled due to lack of enrollment.  It’s back to self-teaching for me.

Two birds with one stone; find out where I got hurt and learn anatomy by drawing.

In November 2011 I got a good wack to my left elbow (where I thought my funny bone was) by one of my Kendo Senseis.  I’ve been having a hard time extending my left hand forward fully since then.  This is very bad for my Kendo right now especially since a tournament I’m entered into is happening in a couple of weeks.

Anyway, I looked up what the funny bone is and turns out that it’s not a bone.  It is the ulnar nerve that wraps around the elbow.  The ulna is attached to the hand on the pinky side.  When you hit the funny bone, or more correctly the ulnar nerve it sends pain down to the ring and pinky fingers.  Muscles connect to bones by tendons.  Tendons allow muscles to pull bones.  This annoying injury makes it hard for me to grip with my left hand.  When I extend my left arm, my hand shakes and the Supinator longus, and Extensor carpi radialis longus feel pain.

One of the interesting things about Kendo is that from time to time, we may have an injury but have to find a way around it to practice some how.  Sometimes even if it means that we have limited motion.  I will try some home remedy and see what happens.